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Wandering Waffle

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I’m the Wandering Waffle. I was born in Liège, a city in Belgium way back when in the 18th century and in 2013, I made my way across the pond to New York City and Philadelphia. After five years on the east coast I have ventured further west to San Jose, California.
I don’t want to be confused with the Belgian waffles I see people eating for breakfast. I am far richer, more like a dessert, denser, sweeter and chewier. I have these big chunks of sugar, called pear sugar; they make me really sweet and give me my glossy shine. Learn more.
I taste really yummy naked, and that’s how the Belgians eat me, but you can dress me up a bit too if you prefer. Check out the menu page for options. If you choose a topping or two, I come in a handy package which allows you to do a bit of wandering yourself without getting all messy.

Christmas in the Park

November 26 - January 2

Plaza de Cesar Chavez

Downtown San Jose

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We are able to sell you our waffles because of Tasty Dreams Bakery so we are also selling other tasty items at the market such as sourdough bread, donuts, cookies, and cupcakes. Check them out.

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